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Cruelty Party

Navigation stats 9.8 / 10
Quality stats 16.0 / 20
Quantity stats 12.0 / 20
Downloadable stats 5.0 / 5
Updates stats 12.0 / 15
Originality stats 5.0 / 5
Pricing & Bonus stats 17.8 / 20

Cruelty Party Site Details

Site Details

Category: College :: Group Sex
Review Date: July 05, 2012 by Vee
Multi Access: Porn Pros
Trial Price: $1.00 - 1 Days
Monthly Price: $17.95 - 30 Days
Billing: Epoch Systems | NetBilling
Pictures: 72 Picture Sets w/ 500 Pictures Per Set
(High-Res Pictures: Yes) (Screen Caps: Yes) (Zip: Yes)
Videos: 72 Videos At Around 60 Minutes Each
Video Downloads: Full Video & Video Clips
Video Format(s): Flash Video (.flv) - 640x360
MP4 (.mp4) - 960x540 3000 Kbps
MPEG (.mpg) - 1248x700 2500 Kbps
MPEG (.mpg) - 720x404 1000 Kbps
Windows Media (.wmv) - 1248x700 2500 Kbps
Windows Media (.wmv) - 720x404 1000 Kbps
Delivery Type Download and Stream
Bonus Sites 30
Bonus Feeds 15
Bonus Scenes 7066
Other (Live Chat: No) (Video DRM: No)

Cruelty Party Review

Our Review

July 05, 2012 | By Vee | College :: Group Sex

It’s definitely a party on this website. Cruelty party offers another whole new variety of videos that will have viewers coming back for more. The Cruelty Party site is just another association of Porn Pros sites that you also get access to, Sites such as Teen BFF, Public Violations, Massage Creep, and more. This party themed website gets up close and personal to show what goes down during a sex party. Viewers will see women getting banged at every position and every part of their bodies. Yes it is in party and you’ll enjoy seeing a group of 3 to 5 or more sexy co-eds getting it on.

"High definition sex is the next big thing in porn and Cruelty Party is ahead of the game."


The HD quality of the videos is unbeatable and a big plus to viewers. It will make you feel that you are actually there, and that makes watching all the sexual intercourse very satisfying. It’s almost like you’re involved in the party and that’s exactly what the viewers want to feel like. The presentations are also exhilarating. When you first get on the homepage, you see a big video almost the size of the webpage, which will immediately catch the viewer’s eye.

The video is placed perfectly in the center and is so big that there is a 100% chance the viewers eyes will focus on that video. So you can’t miss it. Another big plus for this site is the free videos. Some viewers are not willing to pay right away until they actually see a demo. It’s like trying a sample food to see what it taste like to make sure you like it before you buy it. The same applies here viewers want to see if they’ll like it first before the actually subscribe. So the free videos are a great convenience to viewers. As for the navigation, it’s very simple and stress free. Just scroll down and see the videos because they are right there, once again you can’t miss them.


There is one technicality issue on this site when you click on member login. It won’t let you get away once you click on it. This is troublesome for new members if they accidentally click on the member login link. There is no way of getting out of the dialog box even if you click cancel. So if you get stuck because you are a new viewer and you don’t have your login credentials yet, which happened to me, you may be forced to shut down and restart your browser. This was a big inconvenience for me and I’m sure other new viewers as well. It would also help if it had a bookmark option to automatically save the website to favorites. Other than that the site is awesome.


Overall, Cruelty Party definitely lives up to its name of hardcore sex being wild and out of control. The presentation will not disappoint especially the huge video you see when your browser opens up the site. There is no way your eyes can miss the action and there is no shortage of sexual pleasure being presented in the videos. The fact that they took it a step further and actually makes you feel like you are there is a plus. You almost become part of the action. High definition sex will be the next big thing and this site definitely is ahead of the game. The porn sites that don’t use HD in their videos will be left out in the dust. So come on and join the party!

Cruelty Party

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